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ستين كورس مجانى من جامعات عالمية فى مجال ال computer science and mathematics - STJEGYPT

ستين كورس مجانى من جامعات عالمية فى مجال ال  computer science and mathematics - STJEGYPT
لو عاوز تنمى نفسك فى ال computer science and mathematics
هنا افضل كورسات مجانية مقدمة من جامعات عالمية متخصصة فى المجال دة 

كل اللى عليك انك تبدا تاخد الكورس و تشوفة و تتعلم منة من و انت قاعد فى البيت 
و دول قايمة بالكورسات المجانية 

1_  Neural Networks and Deep Learning from (taught by Stanford Prof. Andrew Ng)

  2_Algorithms: Design and Analysis from Stanford University (old Couresra course, but hosted without any paywalls directly by Stanford)

 3_The Unix Workbench from Johns Hopkins University

 4_Machine Learning from Georgia Institute of Technology

5_ Hacking and Patching from University of Colorado System

 6_Linux Server Management and Security from University of Colorado System

 7_ Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization from

 8_ Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 from Stanford University

 9_Accessible Gamification for Business from Georgia Institute of Technology

 10_Deep Learning for Business from Yonsei University

 11_ Introduction to TCP/IP from Yonsei University

 12_TV Whitespaces for Museums and Archives from San Jose State University

 13_Capstone: Autonomous Runway Detection for IoT from EIT Digital

14_Cryptography and InformationTheory from University of Colorado System

15_ Cryptographic Hash and Integrity Protection from University of Colorado System

16_  Fundamentals of Network Communication from University of Colorado System

17_ Packet Switching Networks and Algorithms from University of Colorado System

18_Cybersecurity Policy for Water and Electricity Infrastructures from University of Colorado System

19_Cybersecurity Policy for Aviation and Internet Infrastructures from University of Colorado System

20_Proactive Computer Security from University of Colorado System

21_Enterprise System Management and Security from University of Colorado System

 22_Peer-to-Peer Protocols and Local Area Networks from University of Colorado System

23_Introduction to Cybersecurity for Business from University of Colorado System

24_Cyber Threats and Attack Vectors from University of Colorado System

25_Planning, Auditing and Maintaining Enterprise Systems from University of Colorado System

26_Windows Server Management and Security from University of Colorado System

27_Detecting and Mitigating Cyber Threats and Attacks from University of Colorado System

28_Homeland Security & Cybersecurity Connection — It’s Not About the Terrorists from University of Colorado System

29_Basic Cryptography and Programming with Crypto API from University of Colorado System

30_Classical Cryptosystems and Core Concepts from University of Colorado System

31_Asymmetric Cryptography and Key Management from University of Colorado System

32_Symmetric Cryptography from University of Colorado System

33_Secure Networked System with Firewall and IDS from University of Colorado System

34_TCP/IP and Advanced Topics from University of Colorado System

35_Homeland Security and Cybersecurity Future from University of Colorado System

36_Design and Analyze Secure Networked Systems from University of Colorado System

37_Sparse Representations in Image Processing: From Theory to Practice from Technion — Israel Institute of Technology

38_Sparse Representations in Signal and Image Processing: Fundamentalsfrom Technion — Israel Institute of Technology

39_Cutting Edge Deep Learning For Coders, Part 2 from

40_Architettura degli elaboratori from University of Urbino

41_Liberating Programming: System Development for Everyone from Weizmann Institute of Science

42_Big Data Applications: Machine Learning at Scale from Yandex

43_Digital Accessibility as a Business Practice from Ryerson University

44_Банковское дело и финансы from Sberbank Corporate University

45_Convolutional Neural Networks from


46_Calculus Applied! from Harvard University

47_Differential Equations: 2x2 Systems from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

48_Introduction to Probability: Part 1 — The Fundamentals from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

49_Number Theory and Cryptography from University of California, San Diego

50_Introduction to Graph Theory from University of California, San Diego

51_What is a Proof? from University of California, San Diego

52_Solving Delivery Problem from University of California, San Diego

53_Геометрия и группы from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

54_Mathematical Foundations for Cryptography from University of Colorado System

55_More Fun with Prime Numbers from Kyoto University

56_Precalculus: the Mathematics of Numbers, Functions and Equations from University of Padova

57_Einführung in die Graphentheorie from ITMO University

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