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فرصة تدريب 6 شهور براتب 300 يورو - STJEGYPT

فرصة تدريب 6 شهور براتب 300 يورو - STJEGYPT
فرصة تدريب 6 شهور تقريبا
براتب 300 يورو للمصريين و600 لغير المصريين في المركز الاقليمي للطاقة المتجددة وكفاءة الطاقة 
واخر ميعاد للتقديم 7/9
General Qualifications

Recent graduate of: Engineering, Environmental Studies, Economics, Political Science, international law or Business Administration
Being enrolled in or a holder of a relevant Master’s Degree is a plus
Previous experience in the field of sustainable energy and similar developmental projects is a plus
Fluency in Arabic and one of the two languages; English or French, is a must
Enthusiastic about the role of RCREEE and renewable energy and energy efficiency fields, and ready to learn
Excellent writing, editing and communications skills
Ability to work under pressure, multi-task and deadlines-oriented
Internet and MS Office (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint) proficiency is required

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