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Master Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education - STJEGYPT

Master Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education - STJEGYPT


Africa economy has been steadily increasing since 2000, due to factors such as its abundant natural resources and expansion of trade and investments. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that growth rates in Africa will remain as high as 5.4% up to 2016. While each African nation sets a target for sustainable economic development, political implementation, aimed at turning commodity-based economies into multifaceted industrialized economies through developing primary and secondary industries, is an urgent matter. On the other hand, the International Labor Organization (ILO) points out that the number of youth unemployment in Africa has reached nearly 75 million, almost one third of the youth population (200 million) in the whole region. Given these circumstances, it is expected that the yield of value-added industries and the realization of high productivity of industries in Africa, will resolve the issue as they generate job opportunities, and bring about more stabilized economies. Moreover, Japanese companies are showing strong recognition of and interest in a prosperous Africa.

Number of Participants/Durations


1st batch (arrived in 2014): 156 participants

2nd batch (arrived in 2015): 317 participants

3rd batch (arrived in 2016): 348 participants

4th batch (will arrive in 2017): 250 participants (planned)

5th batch (will arrive in 2018): 200 participants (planned)

6. Application Documents for the 5th Batch

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