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برنامج التدريب الصيفي من vodafone - STJEGYPT

برنامج التدريب الصيفي من vodafone - STJEGYPT
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Ready for YOUth…
What is VodaNation?

Vodafone’s Internship Program for undergrad students who are looking to add a challenging and exciting experience to their student life, whether in summer or in winter.They will get front-row seats to experience the real work environment and receive the needed coaching and mentorship.
Who can apply?
All undergrad University students in their 2 nd or 3rd or senior year
Someone with a GPA of 3 or above, or the equivalent to 2 or above for GUC students
Someone with fluent English language and strong interpersonal skills
Someone who is ready for new challenges
Someone who participated in extracurricular activities

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